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 Berlin, Germany
 New York City, New York
 Lisbon, Portugal
 Rome, Italy
 Anjuna, India
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Popular Places to Stay in Berlin, Germany:

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A and O Berlin Mitte
Koepenicker Str. 127 - 129
A and O Berlin Friedrichshain
Boxhagener Straße 73
2A Hostel
Saalestraße 76

Popular Places to Stay in New York City, New York:

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Signature House
Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard
User Rating:  2.3
NYC Guesthouse For Students
239 Lenox Avenue
Travis 3Br Apartment Just 200 Per Night
124 West 18th Street
The Central Park Bed and Breakfast
West 74Th Street

Popular Places to Stay in Lisbon, Portugal:

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Lisbon Soul Hostel
Rua De São Tomé 23
Kitsch Hostel
Praça Dos Restauradores 65 2d

Popular Places to Stay in Rome, Italy:

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Arneil and Silvio Hostel
Via Giovanni Giolitti 213/ 4Th Flr
User Rating:  2.8
Hi Hello Hostel
Via Germanico 107-2Nd Flr.
User Rating:  3.5
Student's House
Via Merulana, 117
User Rating:  4.2

Popular Places to Stay in Anjuna, India:

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Anjunapalms Guesthouses
650 Demello Vaddo,
User Rating:  3.6

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