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Our partners are hostels, budget hotels, and independent accommodations who want to quickly increase their profit margin. We show you which services will enhance your marketing strategy, and how to avoid those that erode income. Our online tools focus on proper inventory management, social media, increasing 'cumulative' search engine exposure, and decreasing online commission costs.

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  1. Lowest Cost - Stop overpaying for online reservations. Most OTAs charge commissions between 12%-30%. Instant World Booking starts at only 8% commission. There are no membership fees.
  2. Maximum Search Engine Exposure - Your free listing includes advertising across our network of highly targeted websites (over 100 in total). This is in addition to our extensive affiliate network.
  3. 15+ Translated Profile Pages - Your hostel is instantly featured on dozens of pages. This includes one separate page for each language, multiplied by each of our sites.
  4. No payments - There are no membership fees, and we collect our commission directly from the customer, as a deposit. You never make a payment to us.
  5. Credit card guarantee - We validate the customer's credit card on every reservation, and you receive the billing details as a guarantee.
  6. Unlimited Photos - There's no limit to the number of photos your can feature on your free advertisement.
  7. Guest Reviews - Our review system is intuitive, and includes a proprietary algorithm for weighting each aspect of the customer's experience, resulting in a more fair ranking. Display guest reviews on your own website.
  8. Your cancellation policy - Use your own policies, not ours. Use our optional Booking Engine for your website, and deposits are collected according to your own cancellation policy.
  9. Protection for Cancellations and No-shows - With our optional Booking Engine for your website (or Facebook page), you receive deposits even when guests cancel late, or fail to arrive.
  10. Channel Manager integration - Use your favorite channel manager for inventory management. Or, save money and use one of our recommended channel management options.
  11. Booking Engine for Your Website - The perfect solution for instantly increasing profit margins. We guarantee a lower cost than any competing provider, or you get it for free.
  12. Facebook online bookings - The perfect complement to your online marketing strategy. Accept online bookings directly from your Facebook page. We'll set it up for you in just 24 hours.
  13. Social Media Marketing - Only Instant World Booking offers social media marketing for your hostel, in combination with online booking services. No online marketing strategy can ignore social media. Compare with competing services.
  14. 'Best economics' guarantee - If you currently use another online service to market your hostel or accommodation, please contact Instant World Booking. We guarantee that we can offer the same or improved service for better economics. You can't lose.

Get started with a free advertisement for your hostel (you never pay us anything!), and start increasing reservations and profits with the leading low cost service for online hostel marketing.

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